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Spring Clean Your Diet

By: Michaella Lesieur, Intern Marketing Manager for Kendall UMass Dartmouth

Spring is just around the corner as we leave February and enter March, our days get lighter which means warmer weather will soon be upon us. This is the perfect time to start “spring cleaning” your diet. Maybe you are looking for new ways to spruce up your dishes or make healthier options, kelp is definitely a great way to add a healthy twist. From breakfast, to lunch and dinner, we have you covered.

Let’s start off with breakfast-- the most important meal of the day. Whether you are hitting the gym or on our way out the door for that huge meeting at work make yourself a kelp smoothie. Kelp smoothies are one of the best ways to incorporate this leafy green (actually you don’t even know it’s in there). This is great for even your pickiest of eaters. Blend it into any of your favorite flavors such as:

● Strawberry Banana

● Tropical Pineapple

● Berry

● Mango

In five minutes, you have a perfect frothy smoothie that is easy to pour in a travel cup and go, as simple as that.

Fast forward a few hours and now you have lunch on the mind…yes, you hear your stomach growling and know you need fuel to power you through your afternoon. Our suggestion a nice salad topped with Atlantic Sea Farms Sea-Beet Kraut. A yummy alternative to your basic beet salad. The Atlantic Sea Farms describe the kraut as “a combination of umami flavors with earthy sweet ginger and beets, our kraut is a completely unique, delicious, and heartily satisfying addition to sandwiches, eggs, and harvest bowls…” Whether you are enjoying this on your salad or on your favorite sandwich, side it with your favorite chip and a glass of water with a lemon wedge for a nice clean palate.

Now… the clock is flashing 6:00 p.m. and dinner time is upon us… your first thoughts I want something quick and easy. Not a problem, you can even incorporate kelp into your dinner time fixes. Make a kelp slaw to side with monkfish “lobster rolls.” This twist to your average lobster roll will be sure to not disappoint.

So, as you can see “spring cleaning” your diet can be fun and these healthy alternatives to your favorite warmer weather treats will keep you on the right track! The best part is you can try out all sorts of combinations to find your desired dishes.

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