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~Halloween Blog Takover~

Corey & Michaella are lab coat ready for Halloween as they explore underutilized fish and kelp to promote more local and sustainable measures. #NE50x60 #HappyHalloween

By: Marketing Manager Intern, UMass Dartmouth Kendall, Michaella Lesieur

Happy Halloween week kelp and underutilized fish fans! This week’s blog post is a bonus feature… a Halloween take-over and we promise that there are only treats and no tricks here. We want to help you get ready for your up and coming festivities, where food is always a must!

This Halloween try something different and add something a little more than candy to your Halloween parties. When looking to kelp, it is great used in smoothies so why not make a candy apple kelp smoothie to serve your guests?

You get the added benefits of the kelp but won’t even know it’s in there. Apple smoothies are great for your sweet tooth friends. Think of kelp as an added ingredient versus a product. You can add it to almost anything and it will provide you with a treat that will make you wanting more.

Other treats featuring kelp look over to:

● Witches Hair (kelp noodles)

● Kelp Cookies (incorporated into the batter and died green and for an added step you can use a Frankenstein cookie cutter to create a Halloween shape)

● Kelp Cupcakes (Incorporated into the batter and topped with orange frosting for decor)

For our friends that are 21 and older there are treats for you too. Kelp is also used in different brews. One of our favorites is the Two Evil Geyser Gose, which is a blend of Icelandic moss, herbs, sea salt anddddd you guessed it kelp.

Looking to add underutilized fish to the menu? No problem. The following are great finger foods for all ages.

● Fish Fingers (red fish-based fish sticks)

● Bat Wings (fried skate)

● Witches Brew (monkfish chowder)

● Ghost Bites (dog fish bites served with different dipping sauces)

By following this simple guide, you can have a unique Halloween party in a pinch. You could even have people dress-up and turn it into a costume party and put on a movie marathon featuring some of your favorite Halloween movies. Either way these menu items are sure to be a hit.

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