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Meet the Henry P. Kendall Foundation

By: Marketing Manager Intern, Kendall-UMass Dartmouth, Michaella Lesieur

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“A healthy food system feeds all of us,” is an empowering statement when logging on to the homepage of the Henry P. Kendall Foundation website. As many of you know UMass Dartmouth won the 2018 Food Vision Prize but what you may be wondering is the story of the foundation, how it was started and their mission.

Well, we are here to tell you that this foundation is reaching for the stars and working hard daily to currently promote local and sustainable measures. The foundation was established in 1957; however, went by the name Norfolk Charitable Trust prior to becoming the Kendall Foundation. The foundation started with an interest in wildlife, land and water conservation and has expanded a great deal from there.

The name change happened in 1959 in honor of their late father, which the name still stands today as the Henry P. Kendall Foundation. Dating back to 2011 the organization has shifted to food and sustainable food measures.

The foundation states that their goal is “to create a resilient and healthy food system in New England that increases the production and consumption of local, sustainable produced food.”

Kendall continues to expand their foundation and has also recently put together the Food Vision Prize in 2018 that awards colleges and universities to help bring an awareness to local and sustainable food measures creating a collaboration across the industry. They are currently running the award again for 2019.

The prize awards up to $250,000 to schools looking to promote local food that is either grown, raised or harvested. For example, UMass Dartmouth in collaboration with Northeastern University, Massachusetts Maritime Academy & Eastern Connecticut State won the prize for underutilized fish and kelp and we are working to promote fish such as monkfish, red fish, scup and dogfish and kelp such as sugar and ribbon. Our efforts have included marketing materials, additions to dining menu selections, contests, teaching kitchens and more.

Likewise, Kendall spotlights local stories about what schools are doing to support their mission and etc. If you are interested in learning more about the Kendall Foundation you can visit to learn about the award, their initiatives and more.

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