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Updated: Feb 12, 2020

By: Marketing Manager, Kendall for UMass Dartmouth, Michaella Lesieur

“Roses are red violets are blue....” kelp is sweet but not as sweet as you!! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and why not be different and break that traditional norm of surprising your sweetheart with flowers and chocolate by giving them something that comes from the heart? Plus, you can #kelptheearth while doing it so it’s a win win for everyone.

Start with a romantic dinner and test your cooking skills with some kelp pasta. You must think of kelp as an added ingredient, it is not something that is just added but yet something that is folded into perfection. Once you find your favorite kelp pasta recipe add in your favorite sauce and protein.

Whether it is seafood or chicken it will complement this dish. Sauce ideas include: marinara, pesto and alfredo, which are personal favorites. It really depends on what your sweetheart’s pallet is. Now you want to think about side dishes…a classic and fan favorite includes a side salad with fresh mozzarella and marinated tomatoes, homemade Italian garlic bread and your favorite beverage to wash it down with.

Next, you will need the perfect dessert to pair, I mean how can you skip dessert? Some ideas look over to tiramisu, chocolate covered strawberries, macaroons or chocolate molten lava cake which will do the trick. Serve this with an after-dinner drink… to keep up with the theme, you can even add kelp beer to really impress, one suggestion would include a nice kelp stout.

This unique stout comes straight from Tofino Brewing Company and is rich in color and body. The finishing notes are “smooth, salted chocolate and coffee.” The notes are brewed local with sustainable harvested kelp and is 6% alcohol. If you can’t find this one in particular there are so many other varieties featuring kelp that will do the trick such as Urban Farm Fermentory wild fermented Seaweed Cidah that we featured on our Instagram page (@kelpfarmingne).

Not much of a cook or baker no problem save the meal prep for the restaurants. Instead you can put together a cute little kelp gift basket. If looking for some kelp inspiration, we suggest adding a jar of Atlantic Sea Farms famous sea-chi which is mild in flavor, add in some sea-salt chocolates, a kelp face mask, their favorite candle as it makes for the perfect relaxation package. Nothing says, “I love you,” then a little r and r time. You can even add your own spin with a special poem just for them… Pinterest is a great way to add in all those extras for those who need a little help with their word choice (hint).

Feel free to use our template here: Happy V-Day!

Dear: ________________________________,

“Roses are red violets are blue....” kelp is sweet but not as sweet as you!! Enjoy some time just for you. Happy Valentine’s Day to my favorite.


Love Always,


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