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Game Day Sliders

By: Marketing Manager Intern, UMass Dartmouth Kendall, Michaella Lesieur

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Are you looking for a healthy alternative as football season is in full swing? If so, sugar kelp may be just the fix you need. For your next home team party try this simple yet fun twist on a classic game food favorite. It will be the perfect touchdown to any menu.

Before we get to the game plan did you know that kelp is grown locally right here in New England? According to Maine Sea Farms sugar kelp is one of their best products: “Sugar kelp is our most prolific and versatile sea green. Planting takes place in the fall and by the late winter we have our first crop. It grows through the winter and as winter turns to spring there is rapid growth, forming clean golden-brown blades and stipes (stems). We are happy to say that sea farming produces tender, mild flavored, and nutritious sugar kelp that lends itself to any number of recipes and dishes.”

This sea vegetable is great to incorporate into the famous pulled pork sliders that are a game day tradition for many. Today, we are looking over to kelp coleslaw which can be used to bring your sliders to the next level. Bellow you will find your easy to use shopping guide to make this for your next party.

Kelp Slaw Shopping List:

● Sugar kelp

● Mayo

● Shredded Carrots

● Red Cabbage

● Green Cabbage

● Italian Dressing

Step 1: Prepare and cook your sugar kelp (for this recipe little shreds are best)

Step 2: Cut up your red and green cabbage into shreds and add to one bowl

Step 3: Add in your shredded carrots

Step 4: Add your kelp to the bowl of cabbage and carrots

Step 5: Add in your desired amount of mayo and Italian dressing to taste

Step 6: Scoop a dollop of this slaw on one side of your onion roll. On the other side put a scoop of your favorite pulled pork recipe.

This coleslaw remake is sure to not disappoint. One will receive all the natural benefits from the original slaw recipe plus the added benefits of kelp. For your fans who are not meat eaters this slaw is perfect topped on veggie burgers too! It’s quick and easy and allows you to sit back and relax once the game goes on. Go team!

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