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UMass Dartmouth Dining Kendall Intern, Aliyah Jackson

Written By: UMass Dartmouth Dining Kendall Intern, Aliyah Jackson

My name is Aliyah Jackson. I am a Political Science senior and I am a Kendall intern. Kelp has been eaten and used medicinally for many years in various forms. However, it remains relatively unknown. I myself did not know what kelp was but shortly figured out I have eaten it and seen it before. Kelp is not only unknown but definitely an underutilized resource in recipes and menus. The Massachusetts Maritime Academy, UMass Dartmouth, Northeastern University, and Eastern Connecticut State University team up under the Kendall Foundation to seek to change that (Kendall Foundation, 2019).

These partners want to increase awareness of kelp among all platforms. While working with Chartwells, Farm Fresh Rhode Island, Sardilli Produce, and Dole & Bailey, these partners will introduce kelp to the public, on campus menus, and develop a marketing strategy to communicate the benefits of kelp. When I first heard about this internship, I thought to myself that is an amazing sustainability project. Through social platforms and other means of communication we want to help local communities realize how beneficial kelp is.

With the help of the public these partners believe that the #50x60 campaign can be accomplished. The 50 by 60 campaign states that by 2060 at least 50% of foods would be locally grown and locally fished (Kendall Foundation, 2019). This is the reason why I feel like it is important to educate my peers about kelp because with education as the primary focus of our business activity, UMass Dartmouth Dining Services is committed to fostering and promoting sustainable business principles to our clients and customers.

Our associates will lead by example through activities that minimize our impact on the environment by practicing the 3 R's (reduce, reuse, recycle) with a focus on reduction. Our programs include the necessary information to encourage informed choices on both the food we consume, and the ways we interact with the natural environment. Charitable donations, funding scholarships and bursaries and active volunteerism by our associates are just some of the ways that UMass Dartmouth Dining Services re-invests in the community.

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