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Atlantic Sea Farms Wins A Finalist Position ~Good Food Award~

*Special Feature: A Congratulations is in order!*

By: Marketing Manager, Kendall for UMass Dartmouth, Michaella Lesieur

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We interrupt this blog post for a special “news alert!” We would like to congratulate The Atlantic Sea farms as they won placement into the Good Food Award for their Sea-Chi. It was stated that the overarching goal of this notable award came with the heart of good food in mind. “The goal of this award is to ‘shine a spotlight on the taste-making crafters at the vanguard of deliciousness and social and environmental excellence.’ At the core of our Mission, we state that Good Food Should Do Good, and are honored that the Good Food Foundation recognizes the work we do every day to ensure that our company and products live up to that,” said in an email issued earlier this month.

This is a huge honor for the company as they were chosen out of more than 2,200 competitors which was selected in a blind test taste. Likewise, to help them celebrate the website is currently offering 20 percent off orders, so make sure you visit and pick up a jar for yourself amongst the other delicious items that they have readily available.

For those that are not familiar with their sea-chi it is made with fresh raw kelp released into a mild flavor and other delectable veggies. As their website notes “with perfect texture and balanced spice, our Sea-Chi is a completely unique and delicious way to add variety to any dish.”

If you are looking for ways to incorporate this jar of magic into your own recipes here are a few of our favorites:

-On top of burgers and veggie burgers

-On top of salads

-On top of grilled or broiled fish

-On top fish tacos

-On top of crackers (served with a cheese board)

-On top of crusty bread

Even eating it with a spoon right out of the jar is the perfect snack as you get to enjoy all the unique flavors set into one original bite. Once again, congratulations to the Atlantic Sea Farms for their finalist position winning and thank you for all you provide to communities at large. The winners will be announced this January 2020.

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