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Adding Kelp to Holiday Favorites

By: Marketing Manager, Kendall for UMass Dartmouth, Michaella Lesieur

The holidays are here which means time to come up with an award-winning menu that your guests will never forget. If you are problem, we have you covered. If you’re not hosting surprise your host with a kelp-based dish. By adding kelp, you can keep all your traditional favorites but also add a healthy twist to your holiday dishes.

Incorporating kelp into your menu is a must this season. Kelp is a great way to add nutritional benefits to rice, seafood dishes and more. We sat down with Executive Chef from Northeastern, Tom Barton to get his take on a kelp filled holiday.

What are some kelp-based recipes that are perfect to add to our holiday menus?

Adding even just a small amount of pureed kelp to any of your family’s traditional recipes can help reduce the amount of salt and add a bit of depth and umami flavor that will enhance the recipe. Additionally, making a seasonal risotto with the addition of kelp makes a great tasting side dish. And you can make arancini out of any leftovers! Think of adding kelp to many of your favorite “feast of the seven fishes” holiday recipes.

How far in advance can you prepare these dishes for the holiday?

Usually making your holiday recipes a day or two in advance only enhances the flavors. The risotto dish mentioned above is best made shortly before you are planning to serve the meal.

Why do you think bringing kelp-based recipes to your holiday menu is beneficial?

It helps to reduce adding additional salt, adds umami flavors as well as adding depth of flavors.

Any other holiday tips or tricks you would like to add?

Gets as much meal prep done ahead so as not to be overwhelmed as mealtime approaches. Delegate dishes and other meal prep to family and friends that may be attending. Be sure to give your turkey plenty of time to thaw… allowing approx. 1 day for every 5 lbs. of turkey.

If looking for more inspiration for kelp dishes to incorporate into your menu, consider:

● Kelp salad

● Kelp beignets for an app

● Kelp slaw for fish or burger sliders

● Kelp pasta with grilled shrimp

● Sushi

● Kelp noodles with pesto & scallops

Come together with family and friends and try all or any of these ideas and tips this holiday season. From our family to yours we hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

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